This is hilarious >>>>*Young mother trying to be rational and modern while living in a town that is less than so. My husband and I are only 24, yes folks we are in under 25 club, with a almost 2 years old son. Our son was planned *gasp*, but we just didn’t think it would all happen so quickly. Now its all happening very quickly.

I go to school full time in a clinical hospital field that is not nursing. The rest of my time is spent chasing my toddler around and doing home projects with my never idle husband. Sometimes I think he is on the go more than my son.*<<<<

That was my first !EVER! about section for wordpress 3 years ago. In 3 years I have still not obtained my bachelors (more to follow) but I did finish my A.S in my clinical job and started working. Fastfoward to selling our first home, buying our first big home, working full time, and then having another baby. Wow! It has been one heck of time in these 3 years. Our town is still small but my world is grown. Life is just as amusing, and even more so since the granola crunchy days have begun. I am still here…. feeding my kids pringles and letting the IPAD babysit for I can watch wife-swap and play Ruzzle.


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